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Fish type: Pike
Fish weight: 7,2 kg
Lure: Mepps Aglija Long
Status: realesed back to the lake

Spring fishing

Spring fishing is one of the most intensive sport-fishing seasons. Spring fishing in Sweden starts at the beginning of May and finishes at the end of June when it gets dark late. Light nights can reveal many secrets of the lake or other water ponds. In the evenings and early in the mornings mothers-pikes visit sandbars near the shore to recover strength and line their stomach with careless roaches and breams.

Shallow arms of lakes are acrawl with whitefish in the evenings. It is a wonderful possibility to measure swords with record-breaking pike fishing from the shore with a help of fly-fishing or spinning rod and surface baits. Whatever experienced fisherman you are it is impossible to remain calm when you take out your popper or jerkbait whereas a meter long pike attacks it!!!

From the 1st of June pikeperch fishing is allowable and it is the best time for the fans of jigging. If you visit underwater knolls situated at a depth of 6-2 meters from time to time you will be able to catch a pike or a pike-perch.

All winter and spring the biggest Sweden lake Vänern delights fishermen with “silver catches”. As long as water is cold salmon fishes are very active. We will organize you an unforgettable fishing of salmon, trout or pikes with the best Sweden guide by fully equipped trolling cutters.

When at the beginning of June there is a height of spring fishing in the midland of Sweden in the North in our favourite region of Jämtland the season just begins.

Ice has melted, wood paths are free of snow and it is easy to drive. There are nice possibilities to catch Brown Trout, Arctic Char in rivers or unforgettable forest lakes. We will organize you a really embedded in your memory fishing with a help of local English-speaking guide and Russian,Lithuanian,English and svedish speaking our guide.

There is a possibility to see a wild moose or bear, a plenty of different birds and other fauna.

These months salmon fishes and trout start sailing up the river from the middle to the North of Sweden what provides us an opportunity to catch fish with a help of fly-fishing or spinning rod.