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Fish type: Trout
Fish weight: 8,5 kg.
Fish length: 84 cm.
Lure: Metal lure
Status: Realesed back to the river

Autumn fishing

Autumn fishing is associated with record catch, adrenaline buzz and unforgettable moments.
The season begins in September and finishes at the end of November or at the beginning of December.

In September the border between day and night clearly differs, so it is possible to emphasize morning and evening bites. When a day becomes shorter and water temperature decreases the appetite of predatory fish increases and appears a hope to measure swords with the greatest water inhabitants.
Rivers also change at this time. Drastic changes of water level and falling temperature drive salmonid fishes crazy and call them to carry eggs. Although fishing licence to catch salmon fishes is given for a short period of time this kind of fishing sinks deep into the mind for a long time.

Strict rules, different closed seasons, various licensed fishing means, and different prohibitions of the fishing of some varieties of fish are valid for every river situated from the north to the south of Sweden. Somewhere fishing without the participation of a local guide is strictly forbidden! It is very important to find out and follow the established rules. In many places only „catch & release” method is permitted.
When temperature decreases perches begin to shoal in deeper holes and give a competent fisherman a chance to enjoy the attacks of “striped predators”

When a day becomes shorter pikeperch also swarm at a depth of 9-15 meters. You can find stony patches some square meters in size on the bottom of the lake and measure swords with dozens of predatory fish of different sizes. Trolling at a depth of 7-12 meters with a help of deep-running wobblers you will meet a great deal of pikeperch ready to attack a ledger bait.

In Jämtland fishing is forbidden from the 1st of September to the 15th of December. Trout and char carry eggs to warm the cockle of your heart with nice catches in future.

Everybody knows that autumn is the season of great pikes!

Water is getting cooler and cooler; days are growing distinctly shorter, whereas the appetite of pikes is increasing. At the beginning of autumn we can find them at a depth of 6-12 meters, but when temperature fells below 8 C° it is time to troll pelagic or so-called cisco pikes, which migrate with cisco for over a year, but are not inclined to bite. Only when water temperature decreases they become very active and give a chance to competent fishermen to experience record-breaking catches, satisfied squalls and are the cause of broken fishing rods of less experienced fishermen. The trolling of great pikes is possible until the lakes freeze over.

While small lakes are frozen the third in size European Lake Vänern invites fishermen to take part in salmon trolling. It is one of the most popular and extreme kinds of sport-fishing in Sweden. Salmon fishes are very active during great heave and stormy wind, so although fishermen go fishing by fully kitted fishing cutters, they are real thrillseekers.
With a help of the best trolling specialists we will organize you an unforgettable meeting with a beautiful lake and its “silver”. The season of salmon trolling begins in November and finishes in May.