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Fish type: Trout
Fish weight: 8,5 kg.
Fish length: 84 cm.
Lure: Metal lure
Status: Realesed back to the river

Fishing in Sweden

Sweden is the best place for a fishing.

Here you find everything that an enthusiast could wish for, big fish, attrac tive waters and untouched nature. Regardless if you are an expert or a beginner, in Sweden there is a chance to experience the big fishing adven ture.Pike fishing in Sweden is among the best in the world. There are huge stocks of pike in countless lakes and rivers, as well as along the brackish water on the coast. And they weigh in at up to 20 kilos!

All the way along Sweden's long coastline there are plenty of fighting silver sea trout.

There are fantastic opportunities for fly-fishing everywhere in Sweden - above all for trout. In many areas, particularly in the north of the country, there is also rewarding fishing for grayling, whitefish and char.

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