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Fish type: Pike
Fish weight: 7,2 kg
Lure: Mepps Aglija Long
Status: realesed back to the lake

Winter fishing

In the wintertime waters are covered by ice. Does sport fishing stop ? Not at all ! The same kind of fish as during the summer can be caught, it is only the method of fishing that changes. The winter usually begins in the second half of December up to the beginning of spring sometimes up to April, when temperatures rise and days get longer, but the lakes here in Värmland, are still covered with a thick layer of ice, we will take you on an exclusive ice-fishing adventure!

Ice fishing, or fishing through a hole in the ice, is very popular in Sweden. Ice fishing is for everyone, just because one does not need special skills or equipment to be successful!

The most popular ice fishing objects are Perch ,Pike ,Rainbow Trout(vaivorykstinis upetakis) ,Brown Trout , Arctic Char (palija) ,Burbot (vegele) In mid-Sweden you will find a very nice infrastructure of snow cleaned roads to a lots of lakes .If you are patient and dress yourself in warm enough clothes, ice fishing can be an experience you will not lightly forget !Nature, peace and quiet and the rush of hunting under the ice are a few important elements.

Just as at our other trips we provide exclusive ice-fishing adventure in small groups and under the guidance of experienced, Russian ,English ,Lithuanian and Swedish speaking guide.

During the winter months the Arctic Char is one of the most sought-after fish .This art in winter we have possibility to caught in the lakes in Värmland but the best opportunity to hunt the big Arctic Char ,Trout , Grayling and Whitefish exemplars is in the North We provide all including trips to Härjädalen in Jämtland. Winter fishing in this area begins from 15 of December up to May if ice conditions are safe to go on.

It is caught principally in the mountain region where hundreds of lakes, large and small, lives this powerful and red-tinted fish. The Arctic Char is closely related to both Salmon and Trout and has traits of both fish .It is the most northerly living species of freshwater-fish and has even been caught in the Canadian Arctic lakes .The Swedish sport fishing Arctic Char record is 10,830 kg !

In Arctic char fishing, big colourful lures should be used, with the hook preferably baited with worms or larvae.One does not need a lot of expensive equipment to go ice fishing, but there are a few items you can not do without. Most important of course is warm clothing, it's very important to keep warm and because of the fact that ice fishing does not require a lot of movement, a pair of good winter-boots and a warm suit is something one can not do without.If you need we provide in all the other equipment; ice-drill, ice-scoops to prevent the holes to freeze again, rods and reels plus the necessary bate.

Security is number one as we are concerned, because ice-fishing can be dangerous and recuires some experience. The groups are in mutual contact; every angler has a pair of ice-picks and in each group we have resque-rope .And of course we will only take you on reliable ice!

Are there things missing in your kit?; just let us know end we make sure its ready when you arrive to Molkom .Come along on our ice fishing trip; we provide the adventure and the most fabulous fishing beats in this here winter-paradise!
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