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Fish type: Trout
Fish weight: 8,5 kg.
Fish length: 84 cm.
Lure: Metal lure
Status: Realesed back to the river

Summer fishing

Holidays, heat, warm water, talks between fishermen that fish don’t bite...
Don’t believe in these talks! Our long-term experience shows that if you choose a water pond and the methods of fishing correctly the results can be better than in spring and autumn. Maybe the number of caught big pikes decreases, but what can you say about this caught in the middle of July almost 12 kg “crocodile”?

The temperature of surface water at the end of summer reaches 23 C °, but in deep springy lakes water temperature is rather low, so fish feel fine and are active. Warm weather and water allow to rest during the hottest hours, and go fishing early in the morning and late in the evening, because in summer the day breaks early and it gets dark late.

Rested after spawning pike-perches start eating intensively and aggressively. In summer evenings and at nights it is possible to catch big pike-perches not far from the shore at the depth of 2-3 meters with a help of trolling. However, the main way of catching pike-perches is jigging at the depth from 4 to 12-15 meters. If you choose appropriate water ponds and baits you will be able to catch a variety of nice fish.

You will experience wonderful moments when come out of holes big perches catch whitebait on the surface. If you appear in the right place at the right time with surface baits, spinners and ripper you will remember these moments for a long time.
Perch 1,8 kg, the middle of July

We tried to fish in July in the north, in Jämtland. According to locals it is the most unfavourable month for the fishing of salmons and chars. But we enjoyed the result! We prove to ourselves and locals that it is possible to catch nice fish with a help of spinning or traditional baits!

Small wobblers turn out to be „poisonous” for the inhabitants of cold waters. It is possible to catch with a help of the most popular trolling tool called in Sweden „Longdrag“.
Don’t forget about forest gifts such as berries and mushrooms, the beauty of nature and quietness and calmness near water pond!

August. After some hours in the forest.

It is also a nice time to fish salmon fishes with small baits or with a help of fly-fishing in rivers from the middle to the North of Sweden.
Holidays with the whole family? We will try to organize your rest according to your wishes.