Guest name: Arion Deutekom    comments
Fish type: Pike
Fish length: 100 cm
Lure: Wobbler
Status: realesed back to the lake

About fishing

Sweden is the perfect goal for every fisherman.

Here you find everything that an enthusiast could wish for, big fish, attractive waters and untouched nature. Regardless if you are an expert or a beginner, in Sweden there is a chance to experience the big fishing adventure.

Pike fishing in Sweden is among the best in the world. There are huge stocks of pike in countless lakes and rivers, as well as along the brackish water on the coast. And they weigh in at up to 20 kilos!

All the way along Sweden's long coastline there are plenty of fighting silver sea trout.
There are fantastic opportunities for fly-fishing everywhere in Sweden - above all for trout. In many areas, particularly in the north of the country, there is also rewarding fishing for grayling, whitefish and char.

The salmon is often called the king of fish. The fighting sea trout is an equally strong and attractive fighter. Both provide some exciting fishing in Sweden's rivers. And trolling for large salmon and sea trout is the best in the world.
New paradise for coarse anglers
Dedicated coarse anglers are discovering that Sweden is a guaranteed safe bet. The fantastic fishing for large tench, bream, roach, rudd and carp brings them back year after year!

We always do our best to ensure that children of all ages have a good time during a fishing holiday. There's so much to see and do that the whole family is guaranteed a memorable stay in Sweden!


From north to south it is more than 2.000 kilometres and therefore the climate can be vary extremely in different parts of Sweden. In January it can be above zero and free of snow and ice in the southern parts of the country but in Lapland it may be between 20 or 30 degrees below zero and several meters of ice on the lakes. Spring normally begins in the south around March - April, but it may be as late as June before the snow and ice begins to melt in the north.

It is incredibly important to consider the great variations in the climate when you plan a fishing holiday in Sweden, especially if you are considering travelling to the north, as the waters are only ice free for three or four months each year. In the southern parts of Sweden it's possible in some waters to fish all year round. Therefore it is difficult to give general advise when it comes to season, since the climate gives very different conditions in different parts of the country. As for instance, April is normally very good for spinning for pike and trout in the south, but in the north it's the peak period for ice fishing. As a fishing tourist you should always allow good time to research your holiday and check when the best time in the specific area, is favourable for the species of your choice.


Fishing from boat
Fishing from a boat is much more common in Sweden than in many other countries. When you plan your fishing holiday, you should consider that boat fishing is not only part of the experience but also can create new possibilities. Many lakes and rivers are big, so fishing from a boat can add a new dimension and give better catches. In many places it's possible to hire a boat with and without a motor. In Sweden it is also usual to use a fish finder to make it easier to locate the best fishing areas.

Spinning is the most common and often the most effective method when fishing for predator fish. A common bait for pike, zander, salmon and trout is the wobbler, but even spinners and spoons can produce good catches. When you fish for sea trout along the coast, long thin spoons, often combined with a fly on a dropper can be rewarding.

Fly fishing
Fly fishing is a very common method in Sweden. Mainly trout and grayling are caught on fly, but even char, salmon and sea trout can be fooled. There are even good possibilities for catching perch and pike on fly. Along the coast it's also very popular to fish with fly for sea trout in the sea.

Coarse fishing
Coarse fishing is a good method for perch, pike and zander fishermen, who use live or dead bait. The possibilities to catch big, roach, tench, bream, ide and other coarse fish are also extremely good. The reason for this can be that relatively few Swedes practice this kind of fishing. Many of the waters therefore contain extremely good stocks of course fish species.

Trolling for salmon and trout is very popular especially in southern Sweden in the big lakes Vänern and Vättern. The boats for this type of fishing are normally equipped with all the special gear for trolling such as down riggers, fish finders, rod holders etc. It is also common to troll from a rowing boat, trolling a couple of wobblers behind.

Ice fishing
Ice fishing is a very common method in the northern parts of Sweden, where the ice is extremely thick for a large part of the year. Warm clothes are of course important for this kind of fishing. A popular and exiting form of ice fishing is "kikmete", bait watching. In this form of fishing you lie belly down on a reindeer skin that is placed on the ice and shading your eye with your hands you look down a hole that is bored in the ice and watch your bait until a fish comes to take it. The tackle needed for this type of fishing includes a ice drill, ice fishing rod that is normally about 30 cm long, special line that doesn't freeze and special tiny spoons called pikar, that are often baited with maggots